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On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, M Holmes wrote:

> Mark Lee writes:
> > Now this I like the sound of, I was never a huge fan of a lot of Mikes'
> > work, I read everything I could get my hands on as a spotty youth
> > and found that the only stuff I liked much were the Elric books, some
> > of the short stories were OK but I could never get into a lot of the
> > other series, Count Brass etc etc, nothing wrong with the works
> > per se, just not my cuppa
> I read all of the Champion stuff at 18. Not great writing but fun. I
> havta admit that I'd kinda hoped for James Marsters (Spike) as Elric.

        He looks nearly right, but his sheer inability to express emotion
save by setting his jaw might be kind of a problem given what Elric has to
go through. The monotone would get boring after a while too. This
hasn't stopped at least one Buffy obsessive I know advocating him for the
part as well, but she's more female and vampire-fascinated than I take you
to be Mike... Wouldn't someone who can act be better? Yours in a spirit of

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