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McCartney's younger brother is/was known as Mike McGear - was a member of
the Scaffold; a group of Liverpool poets which also included John Gorman who
later went on to do kids tv and Roger McGough who passed away a couple of
years back.
They had a coupe of fairly serious hit singles - Lily The Pink and Thank You
Very Much (for the Aintree Iron).
More details here:



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"Once back in England, Timothy Brock, Slattery, and ..."

Timothy? surely Dave's younger brother; the composer and conductor....
Springs to mind: Paul the surviving beatle has a
less-known-brother-in-the-same-trade (mick?). What a fate.

anyway ... hehe ....  and it goes on:

"They were touring the United States behind the release of the album
when Lemmy was arrested on drug charges. He was fired from the band and
went on to form (Ex) Cat Heads, a successful and influential metal band."

whoa ...


>But the thing is, the ORIGINAL review is very accurate, except for the bit
>about Lemmy being on XISOS.
>The review is from The All Music Guide, or similar title. I first saw this
>bio at Insound.com. I checked back there after I read the 'funny' version.

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