OFF: Outskirts of Infinity & The Bevis Frond @ The Standard, Walthamstow, 10th October 2004

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Wed Oct 27 11:34:28 EDT 2004

Jon Jarrett wrote:

>         I wrote:

[Review clipped]

Thanks for the show review. I haven't seen the band with Paul and Jules
in the lineup and it was interesting to hear your take on how Paul and
Nick interact as guitarists. I was hoping they would recreate their
chemistry from the excellent Scorched Earth album, but that was a
record/band that had a more egalitarian focus.

Of course, the Walthamstow gig was  just one of a scarce few dates the
Frond has played lately. Gearing up for full-on tour might "unleash the
beasts" so to speak.

Do your reservations about the current lineup extend to Hit Squad? I'd
say it's among their best records thanks in part to the addition of
Jules on drums. Paul's contribution also helps, though he's basically
relegated to a guest role a la Bari Watts on previous Frond albums.


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