OFF: Re: Mike Burro 'all hollows' solo acoustic mini-set 10/29

Burro Mike sloterdijk at MSN.COM
Sat Oct 30 12:10:37 EDT 2004

Having not performed solo acoustic in nearly 16 months; last night was
somehwhat mentally challenging for me. Of course I've performed  many solo
acoustic shows in the past, but playing exclusively in a  band situation for
what seems like an age now has made me realize how much 'personal security'
and 'self confidence' comes from just seeing other bodies on the stage.
For this reason, last night's mini-set became a much bigger deal for me
personally and artistically than one would have imagined.

I had not performed in such a 'stripped' manner for awhile, and with no one
to deflect to, everything was all on me again. I knew this going into the
slot, and wrestled with the lack of comfort that my bandmates, and
collaborators offer me. This was something I felt I needed to do for myself,
to re-evaluate.

Happily, it was a great success, and I had a good time playing. When you're
solo acoustic there is absolutely no where to hide if you screw up,
especially when you're playing slide, so I look forward to more 'semi
acoustic' solo and group performances in the future. The short list of tunes
appears below: Peace, Mike Burro

Borders Books, Mays Landing , New Jersey 10/29/04

Mike Burro: hollow body electric guitar, *=slide & vocals

On The Road Again ( Jones/Wilson)
The One Eyed Hawk ( Burro)
Rolling & Tumbling ( Unknown) *

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