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Jon Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Mon Aug 1 14:40:44 EDT 2005

On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Paul Mather wrote:

> If I had any idea what Brock Ltd. sounded like these days, I might agree
> with you.  (Stupid trading policy eliminates any chance of that,
> though.)  Sure, there have been some glowing reviews lately, but I've
> learnt over the years that a lot of hyperbole passes across this list[*]
> regarding gigs, so it's best to take things with a handful of salt
> before slapping down the $1000... :-)
> [*] Though I have found the esteemed Mr. Jarrett to be brutally reliable
> a lot of the time.

        Brutal, yes, but don't assume I'm reliable until you see the same
gig :-) I think I may well have stupidly high standards. I blame the
Hawkwind of 1996 and 2001 for setting them. And also Bedouin and
Litmus. And the Bevis Frond. And various other bands. Okay, I do sometimes
give good reviews. But that's not the point :-) Yours,

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