Rock Fever official???

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Yeh - but if that was the case, could you blame the band for making
something by "whatever means necessary" from their own music if it was the
only way of getting it out there and making some money from it!!
I wouldn't imagine for one minute that this is the case, but it shows what a
sorry situation the whole thing has become if classic albums such as this
can't get out - although now Sanctuary have bought up the entire rights to
the Charisma back catalogue off EMI, it should be interesting in the next 12
months to see what their approach is, as they will now own the rights to all
the Hawkwind Charisma label recordings. I guess the story will continue to
Andy Garibaldi
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> On 01/08/2005 09:23, Pete J Howe wrote:
> >  Have Hawkwind done some sort of deal with these Rock Fever guys??
> Hawkwind?!  Does anyone in or even connected to Hawkwind have any rights
> to the likes of _QS&C_ anymore?  That stuff as passed through so many
> record companies over the last zillion years ....
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> Carl
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