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Jon Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Tue Aug 2 07:08:50 EDT 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Burro Mike wrote:

> Hi all, no insightful info here, simply just don't see the spaceritual, QUO
> comparison.
> As one who enjoys the music of both, I see NIK as NIK, and Quo as Quo..The
> only similarity I can find is that they are both, 'Rockin all over the
> world' ( sans the US for Quo..they've pretty much  given up touring here).
> There's just no profit in Quo touring the states, and although it's not too
> lucrative for NIK either, his philosophy still brings him to our shores. I
> remember speaking with him about it last autum, when we opened for him in
> New Jersey...Peace, Mike

        I can see how a US and UK view would differe reat deal here. When
Nik hits the US, you never know hat band he's going to have with him, but
some of them, the Grenas/Del Rio/Fox+ combo especially, have been pretty
good and more than capable of carrying a show in their own right. I don't
know how the gigs with 5:15 as backing went down but I can imagine that
too was OK although very different. I don't know Spaceseed at all but
those that saw seemed to like. Nik does the US in an organised and
rehearsed fashion with decent bands behind him.

        In the UK, it used to be that you never knew who would be in Nik's
band when they turned up, if they turned up, and that sometimes,
occasionally, this produced excellent improvised shows out of nothing, but
more often it produced lamentable collapses of bands over which Nik made
atonal honking noises and forgot the words. With Space Ritual he seems to
have averaged out the two and we have a pedestrian band with none of the
unpredictability or wildness they need to be interesting. But, as I say,
they're still all right to dance to when Sam is on board as well, in my
limited experience. Opening new frontiers in space, however, it ain't. Oh
for the return of Farflung... Yours,

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