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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Wed Aug 3 07:08:02 EDT 2005

On 02/08/2005 22:14, Jon Jarrett wrote:
>         Phil Taylor sounds all right on _1916_ to these ears; has he done
> any drumming since then? (I grant you that giving up drums is probably
> going to decrease one's skill with them... )

My understanding (which is limited) is that there ended up also being
some trouble with Phil's visa status in the US ....

>> Ooooo .... If your drummer has only one setting, then freeform jams are
>> gonna be tough to pull off.  A good jam has to "breathe" -- the drummer
>> has got to be surfing the wave with everyone else (which is tough with
>> only one setting!).
>         I'd like to think that Terry still has more than one, given
> how he did once, but he seems to need some help finding the
> others... I'm not sure Space Ritual really encourages that sort of
> deviation, you know? Thomas Crimble would get lost if it wasn't
> 4:4...

Well, to be fair, there's no need to change the time-signature for the
jam to be most awesome.  There is some need to follow or lead with the
right rhythm and tempo, though, and to be pretty aware of what your
bandmates are doing (so a bad stage mix can easily screw you up there
even if you're all damned geniuses and paying close attention every
second of the gig ....)


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