Hawkwind SOTA @ HMV

pete howe sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 4 08:15:03 EDT 2005

Hi stephe,
       Dave Law from the hawkwind museum has posted a link on the BOC-L list
under "the Wright connection"heading...
   im sure a google search will bring it up, too!But theres some interesting
stuff, including a pic of the band i hadnt seen, and a photo from the video
shoot for the single too,(ive seen several of those on the video companys

>From: Stephe <lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET>
>Reply-To: BOC/Hawkwind Discussion List <BOC-L at LISTSERV.ISPNETINC.NET>
>Subject: Re: Hawkwind SOTA @ HMV
>Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 07:35:10 -0400
>Hi, Where do I find this? Can you post a link? Cheers Stephe
>If you check out the
>>Wright Stuff Fan Club theres a lot of info, pictures and promotion on the
>>hawkwind single!

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