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Alisa coral at APORT.RU
Sat Aug 6 10:50:28 EDT 2005

I have ordered all at one order. But they actually can dispatch singles
before album. They did it many times for me with items in the order that
became available before others and I didn't pay additional postage. But
knowing that it's only two weeks before the album item is avaiable they can
wait and dispatch all at one day, the album release date. They take money on
the day they prepare to dispatch the items.

I have only one concern - will Voiceprint actually provide Amazon shop with
cds prior to release date so that Amazon would be able to send them to use
at that very day?.. With other VP releases it wasn't always the case.


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> As it is the case with Amazon that they will despatch the single and the
> album together, does this mean that the sale for the single will only go
> when they do this?
> I don't know if they take the money for the order now or just before they
> send it. If they do it later it will affect the possible chart placing.
> Steve.

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