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Mark, you are entitled to your views, however wrong they may be.


On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 22:16:18 +0100, Mark Storer <mjec.storer at NTLWORLD.COM>

>of course not, you only just came up with that one
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>> No, it was not billed as such; no reason to.  If people want it, they
>> bid on it, regardless of the reason for the sale.
>> Colin
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>>> Well that's different then innit?
>>> I perhaps should have looked at the page more carefully to see that
>>> information on it.
>>> I assume that it was billed as a fundraising auction.
>>> Anyway all in a good cause for sure
>>> M
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>>> I am sure that all of you will remember that, while we were all
>> our
>>> mid-Winter festivities, many parts of the countries bordering the
>>> Ocean were laid waste by a tsunami of enormous proportions.  As a
>> of
>>> this, a close friend of mine, who is Sri Lankan, lost most of her
>>> Consequently, we converted a gig that we were putting on in Exeter
>>> Teantacles and Litmus) into a benefit gig for the tsunami relief
>> charities.
>>> As a result of the generosity of the Ozrics (thanks Brandi:) ), Litmus
>> (who
>>> gave back half of their fee), the venue, FSOE and, particularly, the
>>> audience, we raised a reasonable sum.
>>> The same friend has now been back to Sri Lanka several times and now
>>> wants
>>> to take a one year sabbatical to help with the reconstruction effort
>> the
>>> care of the many orphans.  Her employers have agreed to this but are
>> unable
>>> or unwilling to pay her for they year.  Consequently, a group of us are
>>> trying to raise enough money to enable her to live in Sri Lanka for a
>>> year
>>> and pay for her UK mortgage etc.  Consequently, when the promo CD
>>> and had been listened to, we decided to sell it on E-Bay to aid this
>> effort.
>>> While the subsequent outrage on the part of one or two individuals has
>> made
>>> an interesting psychological study, it is now time to bring it to an
>>> To those who were outraged, perhaps you will not be so quick to rush to
>>> judgement in future;).
>>> Hopefully, this will end what Keef accurately described on the Yahoo
>> as
>>> a thread that has become boring.
>>> Colin
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