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John McIntyre mcintyre at PA.MSU.EDU
Mon Aug 15 11:30:30 EDT 2005

Sigh, I don't think they'll be coming back to Lansing MI anytime soon.
Friday's show at the Temple Club was a frustrating experience.  (Hint:
next time try Mac's Bar.  Thor's show outdrew you 20 to 1.)

I got there about 9 PM and was told I couldn't go upstairs as the band
was doing their soundcheck.  They sure were, and they were working on
"Astronomy".  It's going to take armed guards to keep me away, and
that's one more thing the Temple Club lacks, so up I went.  The band is
still working out the kinks, but I was loving it, mistakes and all.
They played right up to the point where the "Hey"s come in and stopped,
so I yelled out "Hey".  The guitarist's head swivled around to look at
me.  Then they worked out the ending, which got me up and applauding, to
the band's amusement.

Meanwhile, the Temple Club had no idea what was going on with the PA.
The monitor mix was coming out the mains, and the main mix was coming
out nowhere.  Things would not get much better as the night wore on.

Finally they were able to get something coming out the main speakers,
and the first band went on.  And instantly started complaining about the
monitors.  Then the lead player's amp blew, and there was a delay while
they borrowed an amp from the third band on the bill.  Finally they
staggered to a close.  Given their comments from the stage, it will be
interesting to see if they ever play the Temple Club again.

The Brain Surgeons were up next, and I claimed the spot right in front
of Deb.  Not that there was much competition - one guy stood to my
left.  The band played with fire, and I was really enjoying myself.
Standing so close to the stage, the PA was aimed behind me, so I have no
idea how the vocals were, but the instruments were hot, and I was close
enough to hear Deb direct.  Then I looked behind me to see how the crowd
was reacting.  And there was no crowd.  The main floor was empty.  Maybe
five people were hiding around the fringes.  I felt sorry for the band,
to have come so far for this had to be disappointing.  To their credit,
they didn't let the music suffer, but they did cut the set list short.
And dammit, they left out "Astronomy".  It had been planned - I could
see it on the set list.   I jumped on stage when they finished their set
and demanded "Astronomy".  Al shot me a worried look, as if he feared a
physical assault, and said they'd do another song "But not
'Astronomy'."  So I had to settle for "Dominance and Submission."

To the band's credit, they were all gracious enough to sign the set list
I stole from the stage, although I do suspect Deb's "Thanks for helping
us rock Lansing" was sarcastic. (-8  Al apologized for omitting
"Astronomy", saying it was not yet ready for human consumption.

By all means go see them if they come near you.  But you might not want
to mention "Temple Club" within their hearing. (-8

John McIntyre
mcintyre at

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