HW: Promo Single (on E-Bay)

Pete J Howe sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 16 04:41:49 EDT 2005

Im sure this debate has raged on far too long..but i still think  we have
to question  the ethics behind all this.I could easily say I was selling
my FREE copy to raise money for some charity or worthy expedition..Who'd
know?The bottom line is- these were freebies given out in good faith, by
Hawkwind management ,maybe rather naively,but that IS the spirit of
Hawkwind...only for some individuals to use the old human trait of making
something for nothing, whether it be for charity or whatever.Surely a
letter to hawkwind management and proof that it was for "some charity",
may have resulted in say 50 free copies to sell,...and even then, the
seller make clear on Ebay that is for charity,with proof,and stating they
were free from Hawkwind mission control??Frankly, i think it must leave a
slightly bitter taste in the mouth of the hawkwind management,as is seen
from their mission control posting-
And surely a true fan wouldnt sell it,for whatever reason...(and ohso
quickly, too!)...nor fall victim  to buying it from Ebay, knowing that it
is free; its just prayed on the casual Ebay hawkwind fan.And maybe if and
when we see the other Hawkwind studio cds eventually rereleased,all the
Ebay money making, and scams, on what should be readily available cds will
    Starship "Enterprise", anyone??

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