HW: Promo Single (on E-Bay)

Cyberkrel deadearnest at BTOPENWORLD.COM
Tue Aug 16 18:23:36 EDT 2005

Sorry to sort of disagree, but Children In Need features countrywide
auctions of things that were originally free - celebrities nic-nax - and
noone criticises that!!
I think the Hawkcamp have every right to moan simply coz of the timing  - if
this had happened in six months time, I guarantee, not one person here would
have batted an eyelid!!
Which of course goes back to the previous argument -but......
You must be bored silly by now and this is definitely my last word on the
Besides, I have a very special Psytrax issue 2 to prepare!!!
Andy G.
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From: Pete J Howe <sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:41 AM
Subject: Re: HW: Promo Single (on E-Bay)

> Im sure this debate has raged on far too long..but i still think  we have
> to question  the ethics behind all this.I could easily say I was selling
> my FREE copy to raise money for some charity or worthy expedition..Who'd
> know?The bottom line is- these were freebies given out in good faith, by
> Hawkwind management ,maybe rather naively,but that IS the spirit of
> Hawkwind...only for some individuals to use the old human trait of making
> something for nothing, whether it be for charity or whatever.Surely a
> letter to hawkwind management and proof that it was for "some charity",
> may have resulted in say 50 free copies to sell,...and even then, the
> seller make clear on Ebay that is for charity,with proof,and stating they
> were free from Hawkwind mission control??Frankly, i think it must leave a
> slightly bitter taste in the mouth of the hawkwind management,as is seen
> from their mission control posting-
> And surely a true fan wouldnt sell it,for whatever reason...(and ohso
> quickly, too!)...nor fall victim  to buying it from Ebay, knowing that it
> is free; its just prayed on the casual Ebay hawkwind fan.And maybe if and
> when we see the other Hawkwind studio cds eventually rereleased,all the
> Ebay money making, and scams, on what should be readily available cds will
> end.
>     Starship "Enterprise", anyone??
>                Pete

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