HW: Promo Single (on E-Bay)

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Wed Aug 17 07:01:21 EDT 2005

Stephe writes:

> Not to be an ass Colin, but why would you not really want it? It doesn't
> seem right, that fans have been craving this stuff and someone says they
> don't really want it. That pisses me off. Good cause or not. HW have done
> something nice to their fans, and it sounds like you're just trying to fuel
> the fire. Isn't there many other means to raise money? This seems like its
> almost out of spite.

As something of a Master-Baiter, I'd concur that the Ebay auction was
almost certainly someone dropping a little fishy to see if they could
get a bite.

They succeeded and the hook was that it was for charity.  I think we
should all admire a clever stunt and move on.  Hawkwind might as well
admit that they've been suckered and outmanouvered by the charity
gambit.  They can't do anything now that will make them look other than
mean.  I'm not sure that the author of the clever stunt won't anyway
look rather sly by this use of the charity in taking a prod at their

As for the rest of us, getting in the middle is a bit like deciding to
ramp up a spat between one's parents. I like a good argument as much as
the next guy but I can't see any percentage in hyping this one.


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