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Jill Strobridge jill.strobridge at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Wed Aug 31 17:40:05 EDT 2005

Heh - I've just been chatting to Mike Holmes and he asked me if all
the Promo CDs had been sent out yet!   Apparently he hasn't got
one!!    I said I thought they had all been distributed long ago -
certainly I've got mine (Thank You Everyone!).

Mike won't be near email again for a few days since he's heading
south for the Off the Tracks Festival and has asked me to check on
his behalf.   Have all the Promo CDs been sent out or is his still
to come?    He's definitely a Passport holder - one of the earliest
I would guess.

He's now wondering if he needs to pay a visit to Ebay......... 8-)

Can anyone help?


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> Stephe writes:
>> Selling it is wrong, and I think any
>> fan who does it should be shot in the head.
> Hey! It's *MY* job to advocate shooting people.
> FoFP

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