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If you didn't like those extra songs, St Cecilia won't do anything for you
>From a musician's point of view it's very interesting hearing a now-familiar
riff or chord progression in its original context, as quite a number of the
songs contain elements that were reused in BOC songs that we know and love.

For my part, I couldn't take St Cecilia off my CD player for the first 6
months after I received it.

Gil Blanco County I'd love to hear arranged and played by OYFoOYK-era Cult
in the style of (TCt)LDoM....


(Sorry I've always wanted to make an acronym post!)

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> Hey there, I'm a newbie to the list. First saw BOC during the Revolution
by Night tour. I just wanted to know if anyone recommends the Stalk-Forest
Group CD that Rhino Handmade put out. I wasn't blown away by the extra songs
on the reissue of BOC (ST) and wanted to know if the rest of of the CD is
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