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On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:19:16 -0000, Chris Allen
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>If you didn't like those extra songs, St Cecilia won't do anything for
>you either.

I'd say "not necessarily".  The extra songs on the first CD don't really
include (IIRC) any of the more jamming/psychedelic moments on 'St.
Cecilia' (especially the title track - that one actually reminds me quite
a bit of the Grateful Dead circa 1968!).  If a jazzy Byrds-meets-Dead vibe
sounds appealing, I'd recommend checking out the album; if not, then I

If you're into BOC for the "heavy rock" aspect, then, yeah, the Stalk-
Forrest CD probably won't do much for you.  To compare the SFG album to
some of the others that (actually) came out on Elektra at the same time,
I'd say it sounds a lot more like Tim Buckley (with something of a folk-
jazz vibe) or Paul Butterfield (with virtuoso not-so-heavy guitar jamming)
than the Stooges or MC5.

Apparently there's a European SFG CD with the same track listing as the
original vinyl boot (i.e. less than the Rhino version), but it may be much
cheaper than the Rhino one (probably not in the States, though, given the
currency situation).  I believe that has
copies (although the website only lists their own releases, not the other
labels' stuff they stock).

I really like the album, for whatever that's worth. :^)

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