BOC/BRAIN: Stalk-Forest Group

Jason js3619 at ACMENET.NET
Wed Jan 12 20:12:48 EST 2005

>I wouldn't recommend the bootleg as the sound quality is not very good
>whereas the Rhino one sounds better than I remember by quite a bit,
>besides the packaging is very nice with original artwork and pretty
>accurate linear notes. There aren't any hits on it but the music is
>quite pleasant and Eric Bloom's vocals sound more like Donald's than
>they ever would again.

Eric gives my favorite scream/yell on Donovan's Monkey.
The album also has some of Lanier's best/most involved keyboard work
with the group, I think.

Question for Al: who else is on the bill at the CBGB's show? and what spot does
tBS have?


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