Recommendations please

Neil Shilladay neil.shilladay at MICROLISE.COM
Tue Jan 25 02:44:40 EST 2005


Bearing in mind that much of HW's music is not out of print ('Warrior on
the Edge of Time', 'Quark, Strangeness & Charm'), I'd go for the following
5, in no particular order

'Live Chronicles' (mid '80s - almost heavy metal, Moorcock appearing on
Griffin version)
'Electric Tepee' (early '90s power trio. Most akin to early 70s sound)
'Palace Springs' (early '90s live album. Worth it for Treadmill alone)
'Do not Panic' (mid 80s, live @ Stonehenge)
'1999 Party' (mid 70s live - live set circa Mountain Grill)

Stay well clear of anything resembling 'Bring me the head of Yuri Gagarin'
- the sound quality is *awful*

Whatever you buy, enjoy.


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