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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Tue Jan 25 10:32:14 EST 2005

On 25-Jan-2005 00:19, Tony wrote:
> OK folks, I need some recommendations.  As I originally joined this list for
> the BOC part of it, I feel somewhat of a pretender, not having bought a
> Hawkwind CD since "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" back in 945 BC!!.  However I
> feel the need to remedy this situation immediately.  If you had to choose
> only five Hawkwind albums for a relative novice (I've got "Masters Of The
> Universe" and "Space Ritual", which would they be?  It's my birthday soon
> and I know I'll be scratching my head wondering what to buy with the Amazon
> vouchers I'm bound to get.

Well, if you own _Space Ritual_, then you own what I reckon in the one
HW album to own if you only own one :)

And I'd definitely list _Hall of the Mountain Grill_ among my "Vital 5",

Moving on from there, I'd definitely suggest _Palace Springs_ (barring
the pointless "Acid Test", pretty great latter-day HW and my favorite
version of Assault'n'Battery>Golden Void).

To cover other periods of the band, I should recommend _Live Chronicles_
(which has lots of great tracks despite appearing it's "more Spinal Tap
than Spinal Tap" look :) and I'd like to recommend a Calvert-era
compilation like _Tales from Atomhenge_, excepting that that specific
one is probably out of print.  There's great Calvert-era stuff, but none
of the albums really stands out on its own for me.

But failing a good Calvert comp ... I guess I'd go back to _Doremi Fasol
Latido_ which, despite having most of its material appear live on the
utterly indispensible _Space Ritual_, is worth it for the bass solo on
"Time We Left" alone! :)

But all that said, the recommendation of just buying the _Epoch Eclipse_
3CD set was a good one :)  It's only 9 quid on for
chrissakes!  In fact, just do that anyway :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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