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You should hear their "Space And Time" CD - that is just AWESOME!!!
Andy G.
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> I am incessently listening to Here & Now's "All Over The Show" and I just
> can't get over the awesome track "Open Door" or the lyric "A Flaming
> A Whirling Dance, Shining Like A Beacon".... quite excellent to relive
> those childhood years of the late 70's with such rousing and inspiring
> elevated anarchist hippie consciousness lyricism.
> I wonder what is the line up on this album and when excactly was it
> released. Anyone?
> Chr. aka FRIGG aka Blue Wizard
> "I was the commie from Luxembourg Jim Morrison in the last life, ye olde
> hunters's Christmas "ham" who made 'Hammond Cheese' with The Doors....
> Maloney Baloney and The Black Mahoney!!!
> -Thee Eville Kinge Rippe Offe

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