BRAIN\BOC: more cowbell transcribed...

Jason js3619 at ACMENET.NET
Sun Jan 30 13:10:06 EST 2005

Guitar World offers the transcription of "(Don't Fear) the Reaper"
in their special tribute to Dimebag Darrell issue.  Ofcourse,
you could also find the same thing on
under guitar stuff.

IN cooler news,   I listened to the webcast from CBGBs of
the Brain Surgeons sound check and concert last night.
You shall soon enjoy what will be heard, soon-to-be-written
up  by me. It shall be a good teaser, I trust, to the onslaught
to be faced by "the Olde World" as, what Deborah once called, the
Big Hair Rock Show (mk. II) makes its way to the UK and Germany.

PS: an informercial said this about the 1960s while I did laundry:
"What people remember most are all the love songs of the 60's."
Uh huh.   THank you Time-Life for WASP-washing history. :)

Jason (mk II)

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