BRAIN\BOC: more cowbell transcribed...

Jeff Berry nexus at PANIX.COM
Mon Jan 31 09:14:06 EST 2005

>Can you post a set list. It would be nice to se what potential treats we are
>in for in London.

It's on their website,

But ... the new songs are very good. Of the 12 song set, eight are
from the as-yet-unreleased album, I believe.  The only downside
to so much new stuff is that it means less old stuff - the BS have
an impressively deep catalog of solid material from which to draw.
Only one older BS song was in the set, Gun.  So what this really
means is that they need to do longer sets.

Of the new songs, I'd heard four of them before at the Meat Locker
last October, and two really stood out for me again on Saturday:
Constantine's Sword and Lonestar.  The other new songs are good,
I'm just not as familiar with them yet - and as I mentioned earlier
the vocals were too low, so I haven't quite got the music and the titles
linked up properly in my mind yet.   Having said that, I think Change
World Henry and 1864 are going to really grow on me.


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