Simon House with Bowie

Stephe Lindas lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Jan 31 12:47:06 EST 2005

Hi Rich, Simon plays on The Lodger and David Live. They are worth getting. Cheers Stephe

---- Rich <cosmicdolphin at COMCAST.NET> wrote:
> I guess Cleopatra bunged him some cash and said two albums please :-)
> Anyway, Trip to G9 is a very nice album indeend. I can heartily recommend
> it. I'm sure the bonus tracks will be great.
> It would be nice to see Simon back gigging again :-)
> And while we're on the subject:
> Can anyone enlighten me to which David Bowie recordings Simon is on?
> Rich W
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> What does "written to order by his record company" mean?  That Simon didn't
> want
> to actually do them, but they were "contractual obligation" <cue Monty
> Python
> theme> albums ?
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