Simon House with Bowie

Stephe Lindas lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Jan 31 15:17:06 EST 2005

 Hi Doug, Thanks for the correction. :-) Cheers Stephe

---- Doug Pearson <jasret at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 12:47:06 -0500, Stephe Lindas <lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET>
> wrote:
> >Hi Rich, Simon plays on The Lodger and David Live. They are worth
> >getting. Cheers Stephe
> The live album is 'Stage', not 'David Live' (understandable confusion
> since they're his two 70s double live albums).  It's well worth getting
> (in addition to Simon House, there's great playing from Adrian Belew on
> guitar, Roger Powell on keys/synths, and several other very talented
> musicians), but I would opine that 'David Live' is not (from his ill-
> advised "philly soul" period).
>     -Doug
>      jasret at

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