CD Promo - help!

John Majka jmajk at INDY.RR.COM
Thu Sep 1 02:11:57 EDT 2005

I have yet to receive my promo CD.  I'm wondering if other midwestern USA
people have received them yet.... Arin and Rich?
John Majka
jmajk at

> Heh - I've just been chatting to Mike Holmes and he asked me if all
> the Promo CDs had been sent out yet!   Apparently he hasn't got
> one!!    I said I thought they had all been distributed long ago -
> certainly I've got mine (Thank You Everyone!).
> Mike won't be near email again for a few days since he's heading
> south for the Off the Tracks Festival and has asked me to check on
> his behalf.   Have all the Promo CDs been sent out or is his still
> to come?    He's definitely a Passport holder - one of the earliest
> I would guess.
> He's now wondering if he needs to pay a visit to Ebay......... 8-)
> Can anyone help?
> thanks!
> jill
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>> Stephe writes:
>>> Selling it is wrong, and I think any
>>> fan who does it should be shot in the head.
>> Hey! It's *MY* job to advocate shooting people.
>> FoFP

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