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Cyberkrel deadearnest at BTOPENWORLD.COM
Thu Sep 1 17:28:54 EDT 2005

Sadly - no.
It's only available from Amazon and HMV online - any other retailers
including all land-based retailers are not having the limited editon version
made available to them. There are 2000 being done and I would imagine that,
at the rate of popularity the band seems to be achieving with all the media
spotlights and pushing, it is now entirely possible that the 2000 will be
sold online. You see, the fewer and chart outlets the thing goes through,
the more likelihood it is to chart, and with Voiceprint being an indie
label, it means that while the album now stands a chance of breaching the
Top 50 of the National UK Charts, if you watch the National Indie Charts, it
should go top ten or similar, the way things are shaping up, so I have to
eat humble pie here as I never thought that the band could possibly achieve
what they have set out to do in this case. Potential congratulations, I
I do feel peeved that we can't have the limited edition at CD Services, but
once my emotions have calmed down and that little voice of reason takes
over, I guess you can't argue with success!!
So, dear boy, it's away to online Amazon or HMV with you.
the risk of introducing  a negative here - can you imagine what prices on
Ebay this limited edition is going to go for!! I shudder at the thought - a
shame because it slightly backfires all the good that's being done - but
maybe that's a drop in the ocean after all.
Meanwhile, back to the new Dead Earnest album, Psytrax 2, Spacehead's live
CDR (for personal use only) and a new project from Krel that may just have
you scratching your heads.
Andy G.

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> P.S.  Andy G....can you put me on the list to receive one of the special
DVD releases of TMTYL?  I'll send you an address as soon as I have one
again.  They were playing the DVD part (no sound) on a screen at the
Borderline today, and it looked like something to have for sure.

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