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Congrats - a job is where it all begins (and sadly sometimes ends)
Best of luck,
Andy G.
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> Thanks for the report :-) Good to hear it all went well. Jealous.
> Just to prove Hawkwind are once again my good luck charm...
> I picked up the guitar to learn Paradox this morning, so strumming away,
> telephone rings and...
> I was offered a job starting next week.
> I get to join the ranks of happy people who get 35% discount on SF Books
> (i.e. a Bookseller)
> Go Me...
> Rich W
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> Hi Folx...
> This is almost blogging, 'cause I'm just 100 m down the street from the
> Borderline in Soho where the Launch Party is just gradually wrapping up.
> Wow...lots of fun.  I didn't even know I could get in until yesterday when
> Kris emailed me personally to say she would put me on the list.  Thanks
> Kris!
> I thought it would just be a lowkey affair with a few dozen people in a
> quiet cafe atmosphere with the new album playing over the PA.  That last
> part was right, for the first 90 minutes, but there were about 150 people
> there or so. Thank GOD it wasn't held yesterday, when the temps here in
> London were 32C (90F)...because it's underground, the air circulation is a
> bit restricted you might say.  Anyway, the stage was set up with gear and
> lighting and all, which was a bit of a surprise, so I thought that HW were
> really going to play live.  But then the bass was obviously not a Ricky,
> the guitar was a black Epiphone, so it turned out to be Spacehead's gear.
> That was cool enough, 'cause I didn't expect any live music at 2 in the
> afternoon!  Anyway, they gave out free complimentary drinks at the bar for
> the first 45 minutes or so (which was extra nice), but then eventually hit
> some sort of pre-arranged limit and those who wanted another one (or
> then had to shell out!
>   a couple
>  quid per.  They also had some champagne and sandwiches and Horse Doovers.
> Plus free posters to have signed by the band.  Pete Pracowiak (sp?) was
> there (I think) and was signing stuff as well.  And Matthew Wright too.
> So Spacehead came on and played a few very nice spacey numbers, the first
> which was apparently improv.  Then Richard came up and took over on drums
> and the Keef-Dibsy-Richard Trio launched into an excellent version of "You
> Shouldn't Do That."  But I think that was just done as an excuse to coerce
> Dave, Alan, and Jason to also participate, and begrudgingly they relented
> and the full Hawkwind came aboard the ship.  Mr. Wright jumped up to do a
> nice intro and then HW proper did a sizzling "Brainbox Pollution" and then
> (after some deliberation...and amazingly seeming to go with my personal
> suggestion of "Paradox"...I happened to be standing directly in front of
> Keef during Spacehead's set, so I ended up by default directly in front of
> Dave...he nearly hit me in the face with the end of the guitar at one
> a wonderful extended version of "Paradox" (double guitar solos from Dave).
> Funniest thing was that Dave kept asking Keef what the hell each of the
> pedals and switches !
>  on his
>  guitar were supposed to do.
> On the way to the show, I stopped in the Oxford Street HWV and bought two
> copies each (a set also for my brother in the states) of the two singles
> (two quid apiece), and managed to get them signed by all four members and
> Mr. Wright as well (who was very nice to me, even though I had to tell him
> that I really didn't know who he was, not being a UK resident or
> I walked into the Borders and Virgin stores on the same street just to see
> if they had them in stock as well, but sadly neither did.  Oh, well,
> Voiceprint is hardly a major label.  HMV had six or seven copies each
> prominently displayed in the singles bins, though not yet up on the big
> of Hit New Releases (maybe next week?!).  So that seemed pretty good at
> least.
> Oh, last night, I made it up to Hampstead to see the Robert Calvert play
> about Jimi Hendrix experience in the military.  That was quite
> The play was actually pretty interesting, and the acting (just two actors,
> Jimi himself and his commanding sergeant) was impressive.  Only about an
> hour long, but that was about the right length for the material.  It was
> really interesting to see how many familiar Calvert-isms from
> Hawkwind songs there were.  Obviously, since Hendrix was a paratrooper,
> there were moments quite similar to Free Fall/Over the top, but then also
> little bit about Icarus, and a mention of the "vermillion deserts of Mars"
> (for some reason that I now forget), and then also some of the things in
> Uncle Sam's on Mars were in there as well (insights about American
> like drum majorettes in white ankle socks, and two cars in the garage).
> woman who produced the play back in 1976 was the one responsible for it
> again, and we (Jon J.!
>  , Chris
>  from Wales, and I etc.) talked to her for a bit after the show.  I asked
> she remembered if Calvert himself had ever gone skydiving (since he seemed
> to be so strongly attracted to it in his art), and she seemed to think
> he had a number of times.  I wondered also if he had ever done (or planned
> to do) a stage version of Cap'n Lockheed, and she didn't remember him ever
> planning that.  Sad...I think that would be a great live event.  HW should
> even consider doing it now, IMHO.  But then the best opportunity to have
> done it would have been 2002 when Arthur was with them in a big way.
> Anyway, enough rambling.  I'm on my way to Nottingham/Donnington tomorrow
> for Off the Tracks...hope to see some of you there.  I thought about going
> to the Nukli/Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet show in Glastonbury instead, but
> the "45 Real Ales" advertised at Donnington was too strong a draw!  :)
> by the way, there's a 2004 book about the history of Glasters out that I
> today, and there's a lot of reminiscing in the book done by both NikT and
> Tom Crimble.  I didn't even know (until today) that he (Crimble) was one
> the original organizers of Glasters.  He also played there with his
> band called the Windfuckers or something.  Weird.
> Well, tonight I'm off to Brixton to see Litmus, and then up north in the
> morning.
> Ciao zame...Grakkl (FAA)
> P.S.  Andy G....can you put me on the list to receive one of the special
> releases of TMTYL?  I'll send you an address as soon as I have one again.
> They were playing the DVD part (no sound) on a screen at the Borderline
> today, and it looked like something to have for sure.
> P.P.S.  Apparently (?), the Heads are playing at Camden Underworld on
> night (the 4th) here in the London area, if anyone's interested.  I wish I
> could come back down for it myself.
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