Amazon update

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Fri Sep 2 11:45:20 EDT 2005

as i often do, just had a look at to see how the singles
performing and have to say was very encouraged, take a look at
so lets get this right, it's no 4+5 in the daily top sellers and is also
featured on the other side of the page

whilst i belive we should keep our feet firmly on the ground, take a look at
Amazon's hot 100 chart -
and in there it's languishing at numbers 6+8, which is ahead of Jessica
Simpson, Paul McCartney and KT Tunstall all of which came out this week as well!

i am well aware that the other 3 i mention can all be brought in any of the
high street chains and that's how they'll get a lot of there sales but even
so this has to bode well!

we're so close to this now and i know you're probably all sick and tired of
this but come on, one last push, yer nan and great aunt were only telling me
last night that they'd love to get hold of the new single as a taster for
the upcoming TMTYL album, mind you the state i was in after the launch do
and a couple of extra sherbets elsewhere they could have said anything!

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