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Alan Taylor alan.taylor96 at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Sat Sep 3 09:27:03 EDT 2005

Hi Bernhard,

It appears to me that the CD single 2 was edited to make it less than 10
minutes (running time 9.59! on my player), but I can't think of a reason
why.  Cost less to press?  Or is it so it's not classed as an EP.  Anyone?

Agree that it's disappointing that the live sota has been savaged.

Apart from that, delighted to have some new HW fare. Roll on 12th September.


bernhard.pospiech wrote:

>Hi folks
>Received the 2 long awaitet CD singles today (thanks PEJ!!)
>Now I will try to write a short review. Comments are very welcome.
>1) SOTA (live version)
>a) SOTA live
>I am very dissapointed. Really.
>This is the live version from a gig at the Astoria on 25.05.2005.
>The originally played song was about 8 mintutes long. A very good version
>with lots of interesting moments.
>Unfortunately this CD live version was cutted to a less than 4 minutes piece
>that has nothing to do with the
>great version from the live gig.
>The sound quality is bad. Daves guitar solo sounds like it is comming out of
>a telephone connection.
>Why not a superb sound like on the YULE RITUAL CD ??
>b) PARADOX studio
>Very good studio version. Well done. I really like this song !!! Good
>2) SOTA (studio version)
>a) SOTA studio
>I am very pleased. Awesome version. Great mix. Unfortunately to short.
>Will the CD version be longer ?? I hope so!!
>b) AOA live
>No idea from which gig this version comes from.(help is very welcome!!!)
>Do not know what to say about this song. Not bad but I know better versions.
>c) AA live
>This version comes from the Astoria gig 25.05.2003.
>Very good version. The band in top form. A highlight !!
>All in all 2 very good single CD's with a very weak SOTA live version
>because someone did to much editing on that one.
>If the original version were chosen, well, it would have been a FANTASTIC

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