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I am surprised you say the gig was from 25/05/2005. The version sent to the
mastering engineer was most definitely from May 2003 (I know because I sent
it!), and checks in at 6mins 11 secs. It starts without a fade, and finishes
with Dave and Richard praising Matthew for his vocal performance.

Angela Android was taken from the same performance.

However, as I don't have copy of the finished single here, I can't tell you
for sure if the intended version was actually used or changed in any way...

Keith K.

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> Hi folks
> Received the 2 long awaitet CD singles today (thanks PEJ!!)
> Now I will try to write a short review. Comments are very welcome.
> 1) SOTA (live version)
> a) SOTA live
> I am very dissapointed. Really.
> This is the live version from a gig at the Astoria on 25.05.2005.
> The originally played song was about 8 mintutes long. A very good version
> with lots of interesting moments.
> Unfortunately this CD live version was cutted to a less than 4 minutes
> that has nothing to do with the
> great version from the live gig.
> The sound quality is bad. Daves guitar solo sounds like it is comming out
> a telephone connection.
> Why not a superb sound like on the YULE RITUAL CD ??
> b) PARADOX studio
> Very good studio version. Well done. I really like this song !!! Good
> quality
> 2) SOTA (studio version)
> a) SOTA studio
> I am very pleased. Awesome version. Great mix. Unfortunately to short.
> Will the CD version be longer ?? I hope so!!
> b) AOA live
> No idea from which gig this version comes from.(help is very welcome!!!)
> Do not know what to say about this song. Not bad but I know better
> c) AA live
> This version comes from the Astoria gig 25.05.2003.
> Very good version. The band in top form. A highlight !!
> All in all 2 very good single CD's with a very weak SOTA live version
> because someone did to much editing on that one.
> If the original version were chosen, well, it would have been a FANTASTIC
> one.
> cheers
> Bernhard

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