We didn't do it ;-(

Denis Regenbrecht denis at PTI-INC.DE
Sun Sep 4 14:18:59 EDT 2005


On 04.09.2005, at 19:22, Dave Law wrote:

> well can i just say that in a somewhat emotional state i have to
> admit that
> this isn't going to happen. (SOTA charting)
> we did our best but alas the best wasn't good enough!

At least SotA is no. 6 in the rock-charts...

> p.s - i'll say this whilst in a somewhat p***ed of state of mind,
> but can't
> someone ban that tw*t Amphetamine Embalmer (don't know if i've
> spelt it
> right and frankly don't give a sh*t)you have absolutely nothing
> constructive
> to say about HW or anything else for that matter you sad crank head
> and as
> for you biggoted views people like you just make me sick, you are
> one sad
> individual

It's the Greys working together with MKULTRA again I guess...


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