We didn't do it ;-(

Ian Kershaw Digitalhaunting at AOL.COM
Sun Sep 4 17:13:41 EDT 2005

If you can't get single in the shop, its not going to get in to the  charts,
my two copy's are still on order with HMV, & have been since  20/08/05. Went
to Manchester & I got them from the HMV there, but they only  had a couple of
copy's. I blame the shops & media, the people at the  top to have the power to
determine what record gets publicity or not, &  if shops don't order enough
CD's then no matter how much you try to give the  single a push, with no sales
its going no where. I heard once, that with  some of the independant stations
you need to pay a fee to get air play?

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