What WOULD do it???

Michael Crook m.j.crook at TALK21.COM
Sun Sep 4 18:28:03 EDT 2005

Out of interest, what track do folks think would make
a good single and attract air-play and sales?

 Maybe Paradox should have been the 'A' side?
 or perhaps a new studio version of Motorway city?


--- Colin Allen <colin at CALLEN18.FREESERVE.CO.UK>

>Unfortunately, it was the wrong song and the wrong

> While this was a very gallant and well put together
> effort, I tend to agree
> that it was futile for the following reasons:
> 1. The hardcore fanbase is too small.
> 2. The song was not going to appeal to the wider, CD
> buying public.
> 3. Publicity and airplay were poor - how was the
> wider, CD buying public to
> get to hear it?
> 4. It is almost impossible to compete in the singles
> market against the more
> established players; they have their ways of
> "ensuring" that their singles
> "sell" well, which are probably beyond the financial
> capability of
> Voiceprint.
> None of this reflects badly on Dave Law; his efforts
> have been Herculenean
> and worthy of high praise.
> Unfortunately, it was the wrong song and the wrong
> company.
> Colin
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> From: "Mick Davis" <mickymoocher at AOL.COM>
> Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2005 9:40 PM
> Subject: Re: We didn't do it ;-(
> > feel for you dave but in all honesty , you were
> beating your head against
> a
> > brick wall. Going with voiceprint was a BIG
> mistake as they are next to
> > useless and what chance was there if it couldnt
> even get in one shop in
> the
> > uk!
> > its a big shame but even taking someone like
> mathew wright on board was no
> > good- he obviously has no influence at all in the
> media- shame!
> > maybe next week!
> >

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