We didn't do it ;-(

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>While this was a very gallant and well put together effort, I tend to agree
>that it was futile for the following reasons:

>1. The hardcore fanbase is too small.

Actually I disagree, other artists have done it or come very very close.
Marillion, The Alarm, All About Eve (were a close miss and they definately
have a smaller fanbase than the Hawks)

>2. The song was not going to appeal to the wider, CD buying public.

Spirit of the Age is a great song and involving Matthew was a good choice,
as he does have a reasonable level of media exposure.

>3. Publicity and airplay were poor - how was the wider, CD buying public to
>get to hear it?

Potentially now it's out there riding high in the Rock chart, and in the
Indie Chart, more people may hear it, and some airplay will certainly do no
harm for later album sales.

>4. It is almost impossible to compete in the singles market against the
>established players; they have their ways of "ensuring" that their singles
>"sell" well, which are probably beyond the financial capability of

Voiceprint do not have the muscle of big players like EMI etc, but I would
certainly not be too hard on Rob Ayling. He seems to be doing okay, while it
looks like someone like SANCTUARY are on the brink of going under according
to what's being reported this week.

When we were handing out/distributing the very colourful pretty flyers (that
Voiceprint provided) with Mike Holmes up at Worldcon in Glasgow, people were
snapping them up very quickly, so Rob is certainly doing something right.
Can I also point out he seems to have damn good US distribution.

>None of this reflects badly on Dave Law; his efforts have been Herculenean
>and worthy of high praise.
>Unfortunately, it was the wrong song and the wrong company.

Don't be a negative sourpuss Colin, the glass is more than half full.
Especially when the album is released, if it enters the TOP 75, that will
put it in most music stores in the land, and probably many supermarkets too
which is pretty good coverage.

Dave has indeed put in a great effort and deserves a jolly good slap on the
back. (after he recovers from the hangover of course)

As far as the charts are concerned, well singles are a promotional tool to
gain album sales, so any promotion/airplay gained from the single release
could result in album sales, even without a Top 40 placing.

No Room for detractors here, let's just celebrate the fact that there are
placings in the Rock and Indie charts!!!

Rich W

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