What WOULD do it???

Pete J Howe sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 5 05:54:44 EDT 2005

 well...I remember some time ago..."angela android" being mentioned as the
single by the band.Now, its not CLASSIC hawkwind...and not the best track
on the album, but its modern,with quirky(quarky?) lyrics...and no
disrespect to Richard, but maybe if Matthew had sung that, with Lene doing
the chorus..it might have done a lot better AND tempted people to buy the
album too!
Sadly, despite better production/recording techniques, the original
version of S.O.T.A. sounds more MODERN to me, coming from the post-punk
era with Bob singing.
 But without any major advertising,big airplay and proper distribution to
the shops, NO SINGLES going to sell...
  Meanwhile,unfortunately, Colin still seems to have his grudge to bare...
  Secondly, i'll sign the form to get AMPHETAMINE banned , too!(you should
see the oddball posting completely irrelevent gobbledygook on my bands

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