What WOULD do it???

eddie jobson eddiejobson at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 5 07:25:20 EDT 2005

Wouldn't know neither the mail order singles (CDS) or album (Amazon) have
turned up yet!


>From: M Holmes <fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK>
>Reply-To: BOC/Hawkwind Discussion List <BOC-L at LISTSERV.ISPNETINC.NET>
>Subject: Re: What WOULD do it???
>Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 12:13:44 +0100
>Michael Crook writes:
> > Out of interest, what track do folks think would make
> > a good single and attract air-play and sales?
>Angela Android, just for the hell of it...

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