HW: CD not shipped yet by Amazon anyone else ????

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Mon Sep 5 08:01:11 EDT 2005

well mine turned up last week, there's no reason for me to be special case,
but maybe i was lucky, there does appear to be a lot of you out there still

one of the problems we had is that these days Hawkwind are very much an
unknown quantity and the main shops are loathe to take a "punt" on such
things so you have to take what you can get and on that score Voiceprint
should be congratulated on getting the single made available through 2 major
outlets - Amazon & HMV

on a slightly different track (it saves making loads of replies to
individual posts) Alas Mike i think you're a bit behind the times as far as
how the chart is compiled, one of the reasons that the chart count was
stopped on a Wednesday is that back then the retailer would have sent in a
declaration of how many of each single he'd sold and when i mean sent i'm
talking post so you'd have to allow a couple of days for the data to get to
the compiler, however for many years it's been done by the swipe of a bar
code reader thats linked to a central computer and so hence sales can be
recorded right up to a few hours beforehand, i guess a click of a button and
the whole chart now prints off, the only time that's needed is to get the
actual radio show together, scripted etc.

i do firmly believe that when we (if it's possible to do so) get the actual
figures of how many copies were sold over a 2 or 3 week period, that had we
managed to get all those sales in a seven day period we would have at least
dented the lower reaches of the top 40, but the simple fact is that we didn't!

i must also say that as far as dedicated buyers and DJ's recieving
unsolicited gifts so that they can go and play with their best friend
"Charlie" then i'm sure these are all true but i have to say that as far as
this campaign goes the behaviour of everyone involved was exemplary, that
includes the band and management, Rob Ayling and all at Voiceprint and
myself, i don't think i'm breaking any rules by saying that the Hawks and
Rob were both worried that too much involvement from them in the Chart Trek
campaign could have been construed as "Chart Rigging" and whilst for
whatever reason we didn't get the result we wanted we should all be proud
that we played it fair and square, although what good did that do us?

may i finish off by saying (and i should have done this earlier) thank you
to all of you who helped by handing out flyers etc, regardless of the
outcome you still did a great job and i'm sure i speak on everyones behalf
connected with the release, you did good

well rambled enough and i'm trying to get away from all of this for a while!



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