ADMIN: Re: to amphetamine embalmer - please fuck off

Ben Cohen ben at TMK.COM
Mon Sep 5 08:52:38 EDT 2005

> you boring, waster. go get cleaned up and join a listserv that you need
> to be involved with rather than your too close to the knuckle Nazi
> spoutings.. you have been warned before.....

Ok... <N> things:

1) Amphetamine Embalmer is now on moderator review. That means I (once again)
get to approve postings before anyone else sees them.

2) While this list *tends* towards self-moderation, I *can* (as I have now)
step in. I don't necessarily, though, read every single posting, nor do I pay
attention to all threads. This means that, if someone's misbehaving, the
correct approach is for someone to contact me and ask me to take a look at
something. I don't recall ever *not* being responsive.

The *right* way to get my input / action on something is not to post to the
list. It's to handle it off-list, the way we've typically done in the past.

Your friendly neighborhood moderator,

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