to amphetamine embalmer - please fuck off

Stephe lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Sep 5 09:30:30 EDT 2005

To be real, he's not a nazi. They would have shot him in the head long ago.
> Dave Law writes:
>> excuse my ignorance here but why can't this bloke be banned, i actually
>> find
>> most of his comments not "near the knuckle" but downright offensive and
>> ultimately totally incoherant.
>> i'd happily put my name to some sort of petition to remove this utter
>> waste
>> of space from the list and hope everyone else on here would as well.
> Count me out. I detest censorship. I deal with Nazis either by arguing
> in such a way as to clearly demonstrate their fuckwittedness or simply
> by ignoring them until they go away.
> Since our tame one is clearly unable to keep off the drugs long enough
> to muster a coherent thought, he'd clearly be unarmed and naked as far
> as a battle of wits goes. I suggest we just ignore him.
> FoFP

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