HW: Re: CD Promo - help!

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Mon Sep 5 09:40:30 EDT 2005

Jill Strobridge writes:

> Heh - I've just been chatting to Mike Holmes and he asked me if all
> the Promo CDs had been sent out yet!   Apparently he hasn't got
> one!!    I said I thought they had all been distributed long ago -
> certainly I've got mine (Thank You Everyone!).
> Mike won't be near email again for a few days since he's heading
> south for the Off the Tracks Festival and has asked me to check on
> his behalf.   Have all the Promo CDs been sent out or is his still
> to come?    He's definitely a Passport holder - one of the earliest
> I would guess.
> He's now wondering if he needs to pay a visit to Ebay......... 8-)

Panic over. Kris very kindly brought copies for both Keith H and myself
to Off The Tracks.

We did however take two nephews to the festival for their first ever
glimpse of a rock band. Sadly they both fell asleep around Assassins of
Allah and they'd both been looking forward to seeing the band do Spirit
of the Age (after several times through it in the car and at the festie.

If anyone finds themselves with spare Promos to give away then I can
supply the addresses of some young lads who'd be very grateful and are
already impressed by the friendliness of Hawkwind fans...


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