indian runner/whistle blower

Jerry Guizar jguizar at STNY.RR.COM
Mon Sep 5 12:28:54 EDT 2005

M Holmes wrote:
> Rik Rx writes:
>>Mike Coleman, perchance?
> If you mean the postings of the lacksitted amphetamine person then it's
> not quite Mike C's style.  The style, being akin to that of the
> unpopular schoolboy who posts in between being nagged to tidy up his
> room, smacks of the same tame nazi we've had trouble with before.  I
> expect his mum will be along shortly to gie him his meds, tuck him in,
> and read him a story from "Mein Kampf For Idiots".

   I thought his name was Chris something or other. It's been a few
years, but he's the one who said the Hell's Angels made him sell
all his Hawkwind stuff.

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