We didn't do it ;-(

Michael Crook m.j.crook at TALK21.COM
Mon Sep 5 15:46:17 EDT 2005

I agree, 'Right to Decide' would be my choice.

I recall the first time it was released as a single/EP
(can't remember what it was classed as) Mark Radcliffe
gave it a fair bit of airplay at a reasonable time
(1.30am indeed!!)and he remarked that other DJs had
asked him about the track.
Also, only a minor observation I know, but I noticed
when the track was played live, the staff at the
various venues I attended (in other words - non-fans)
seemed to like it - it's catchy and got a 'sing along'
chorus. Now if Voiceprint where to release it along
with live versions of 'Where are You Now and Brainbox
Pollution, you would have one hell of single!!!


--- Mick Davis <MICKYMOOCHER at AOL.COM> wrote:

> ive been a fan for 33 years since seeing them at
> southampton ice rink as a
> 14 yr old and to me there have only been 2 songs
> that could have made the
> charts  - Right to decide with the lyrics adjusted
> to allow airplay and also Needle
> gun.  Lets be honest here - if you were driving
> along and werent aware of
> hawkwind  then these two would be the only ones that
> had a good chance- lets get
> dave  brock to re- issue these two before xmas- they
> dont have to have
> anything to do  with the album as the band name will
> lead you there

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