just out of curiousity

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Mon Sep 5 17:00:24 EDT 2005

thanks to all of you who replied, i've had over 65 now and feel that there
is now enough data that we can make use of it!

anyway the results make fascinating reading and I'll try to put it in a
nutshell -

from what data I've gathered i suspect that something in the region of 50%
of the total orders have yet to be despatched and that's from someone (me)
who doesn't have the greatest brain on their head, some key points are

a - most of you ordered from Amazon.co.uk, we banged on long enough about
this and they were the first to offer it for sale so this all fits in,
approximately 50% of the votes cast (33) are now proud owners of SOTA thanks
to the online retailer. BUT a further 18 of you are still waiting! that in
itself is over twice as much!

b - far fewer, as expected ordered from HMV and this time the mathematics
are even easier to calculate - 6 of you have received it whilst 6 of you
haven't put another way a straight 50%

c - and just for the record a couple of you shunned both these giants and
went for another retailer, well credit where it's due you've both got yours!

thanks for your support in this (again!) and if you haven't done so please
vote, remember it's at
and will literally take seconds of your time.

i fully understand that you can make figures look exactly how you want them
to but I'd argue that there definitely a pattern here.

I'll leave you with one fault here, assuming that both these retailers had
sufficient copies, and lets be honest they've been taking orders for nearly
6 weeks now and i don't think there was a great surge at the last minute
then i reckon part of it is a case of, addopting the role of Amazon or HMV
team leader

"we'll process the more important orders first, the stuff that's going to
chart high but when you've got a minute can you despatch some of these
Hawkwind orders, don't know why but there's bl**dy loads of them!"

somehow i can't see them taking the same attitude for the likes of Robbie
Williams or Oasis!

makes you think



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