What WOULD do it???

Ian Kershaw Digitalhaunting at AOL.COM
Mon Sep 5 17:16:25 EDT 2005

TV & Radio advertising!!! The money spent on the SOTA Video, that most  of us
may never see, could have been spent on advertising the forth coming album
TMTYL on TV, this would have made people more aware of Hawkwind. Most of the
younger generation don't even know Hawkwind exists. Advertising the  SOTA
single on commercial radio would have got some sort of airplay,  also it could have
mentioned the fact Matthew Wright was also singing on the  track, it dose not
mention his name anywhere on the single covers, so to old  Hawk fans, who do
not know about Matthew involvement, will just see this as  another SOTA
remake. Angela Android, would have made a far better single,  its got a catchy beat,
& with a bit of radio advertising, could have got a  lot of people
interested. Someone said The Right To Decide would be a good  single, but that would be
promoting an old album that's hard to get hold of, you  need the new songs to
promote the Hawkwind of today.

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