We didn't do it ;-(

Cyberkrel deadearnest at BTOPENWORLD.COM
Mon Sep 5 18:20:31 EDT 2005

That's because the public out there LIKE them!!! Jeez - music is in the ear
of the beholder - I hate rap with a passion but I'd defend its right to
exist and be popular to my dying day.
There is no such thing as crap music - there is music you like and music you
don't like - but it's all music.
Andy G.
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> In a message dated 04/09/2005 23:08:12 GMT Standard Time,
> colin at CALLEN18.FREESERVE.CO.UK writes:
> . The  song was not going to appeal to the wider, CD buying  public
> I don't totally agree, if it got air play & it was readily available,  the
> song WOULD have sold more. There's some serious rubbish in the charts &
> still buy them.
> Ian

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