What WOULD do it???

Colin Allen colin at CALLEN18.FREESERVE.CO.UK
Mon Sep 5 18:40:44 EDT 2005

Surprisingly, not that much was spent on the SOTA video. However, in
retrospect that money could have been better spent.

As to TV advertising, do not even go there.  The cost of a series of slots
(you need several to make an impact) is, in the terms of the operation that
we are considering here, astronomical.  Add to that the cost of making a
decent advertisement (yes, you could use some of the SOTA video with some
extra material) and you have something that is way out of the range of

Radio advertising might have been possible but I think that this still would
not overcome the problem that it was the wrong song.  People will not buy
something that they do not want to.

Achieving a position in the rock and indie charts is respectable but it does
not carry the kudos that a "real" chart place would.

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> TV & Radio advertising!!! The money spent on the SOTA Video, that most  of
> may never see, could have been spent on advertising the forth coming album
> TMTYL on TV, this would have made people more aware of Hawkwind. Most of
> younger generation don't even know Hawkwind exists. Advertising the  SOTA
> single on commercial radio would have got some sort of airplay,  also it
could have
> mentioned the fact Matthew Wright was also singing on the  track, it dose
> mention his name anywhere on the single covers, so to old  Hawk fans, who
> not know about Matthew involvement, will just see this as  another SOTA
> remake. Angela Android, would have made a far better single,  its got a
catchy beat,
> & with a bit of radio advertising, could have got a  lot of people
> interested. Someone said The Right To Decide would be a good  single, but
that would be
> promoting an old album that's hard to get hold of, you  need the new songs
> promote the Hawkwind of today.
> Ian

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