CD not shipped yet by Amazon anyone else ????

StevePXR5 at AOL.COM StevePXR5 at AOL.COM
Mon Sep 5 18:49:19 EDT 2005

Well I live in the UK and I don't have them either!
Pissed off is putting it mildly especially when you see them on E bloody  Bay 
for £9.99 each.
Will I get mine? Should I have gone through my usual Indie store? Does  
AMAZON count towards a chart placing after all this?
I seriously doubt it! What a fuck up!
In a message dated 05/09/2005 16:20:15 GMT Standard Time, jmajk at INDY.RR.COM  

I  ordered the singles at least a month in advance of the release date,  but
they still haven't shipped, but I dismissed that as a consequence of  living
in the US.

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