Say no to Wogan

Maxine Wesley maxine.wesley at PORT.AC.UK
Tue Sep 6 04:10:45 EDT 2005

Hay- y;'all

I have just seen a new outlet for our campaign to promote Hawkwind... and that is
that Chris Moyles (radio one a.m.) is launching a "say no to Wogan" campaign.

"Say No to Wogan - join the campaign!
{PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Say no to Wogan"}This week we're starting a new campaign - to get as many children as possible, who
are forced to listen to Terry Wogan on Radio 2, to switch over to Chris Moyles
My idea is someone on this list creates an email that can justify why Chris should
adopt 'Spirit of the Age' as his 'campaign song' - explaining how HW have been an
influence on modern music - how they still sound as fresh as they did in 1970 - and
that Wogan would never play Hawkwind!! - all list members who agree with the
statement 'sign' the petition and we send it as one 'organised email'.
This ain't rigging - like everyone else here I'd like to see Hawkwind get the
exposure they deserve!
anyone? (I've already emailed the show independantly - but i think it needs more
weight and needs to be convincing in it's arguments)

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